Grand Theft Auto 4 APK For Android

Grand Theft Auto 4 APK For Android

No, you didn’t read wrong! According to calculation of multiple users and players on the web, developers at Rockstar are reportedly testing GTA IV on mobile phones, especially devices with Android.
Who did the hole was the Brazilian Player, Helton da Silva. He caught and “printou” the image of the profile of Gary Foreman (one of the founders of Rockstar) in the Social Club. The image of the profile shows Gary online and with the following caption: “Grand Theft Auto IV on Android”.
The breakthrough came thanks to a public channel (APK FOR MOBILE) that shows not only the images, but also video recorded directly from the console, showing more of a Rockstar with the phrase “Grand Theft Auto IV on Android”.


In this game Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition there is one main character. The player can do many things like running, jumping, climbing and swimming. The player can also use different types of weapons. This game has many missions to complete. If you don’t want to complete missions. You can easily do free roaming in the city. and enjoy the game. You will see different real-world vehicles in this game. A player can steal these vehicles. and enjoy the drive of every vehicle. There is so many games which based on race like Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Deadly Race etc. But these are only racing games. With limited cars models. GTA is totally different from racing games. In this game you can enjoy every type of vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Bus, Heavy Bike, Helicopters and boats are also present in this game and player can use them. When the player completes missions he can unlock different parts of the city.

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition Features:

Below are the main features of Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition.
An open world action-adventure game.
Published by Rockstar games.
Player can do many things.
Player can steal the cars.
Different type of weapons.
Several interesting missions.
Player can also do free roaming.
Real world vehicles, helicopters and boats.
No hard and fast rules.
A mobile phone for communication.
Single and multiplayer mode is available.

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